A week of creativity, conversation and learning, Design Week Tallahassee is an annual 7-day event that welcomes designers of all levels. The festivities include guest speakers, workshops and social events. In line with our goal to make the events accessible to all, workshops will be offered at low-cost to participants and social events will be free.

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Meg Lewis is a designer creating experiences for happy companies and a personal cheerleader here to get you excited about being yourself. Meg is the founder of Ghostly Ferns, a collective of designers & commercial artists and is the co-founder of Fool Proof, a shared workspace for creativity & collaboration in Minneapolis. Beyond designing, Meg empowers individuals through writing, videos, coaching, workshops, and talks titled 'Full Time You'.


Hi, ๐Ÿ‘‹ I'm James. Your friendly neighborhood product designer ๐Ÿ˜„ & Creative Director + Partner at App Innovators. I develop unique brand & product experiences, and live to create job opportunities for those with passion, talent, & work ethic.


Carly Berry is a freelance graphic designer and illustrator currently hanging out in Tallahassee. She can usually be found in her studio cave obsessing over pixels, manically screen printing up a storm, or tacking up her unsolicited art around town. Sheโ€™s fueled by vegan food, the hunt for the best thrift finds and owes all her success to Command + Z.


Geo is a developer at Infinity Software Development where he creates web applications using the latest UI and UX best practices. He sees design and technology as a union and not a handoff, and spends time to understand both and learn how to bridge the gap between them.


After graduating from SCAD in 2015 with a degree in Graphic Design, Katie began her career as a designer and an avid participant in AIGA. She works as an in-house designer, and she serves on the AIGA Atlanta Board of Directors as the Programming Co-Chair to create events for the Atlanta Design Community.


When she's not freelancing or thinking up new ideas for Idle Delights Design Co., Carmen works as an art director at FSU's DSA Marketing office and loves pushing her student designers' work to new, even more innovative levels every day.


Kristen's first love is Illustration, but she also has a passion for design, art direction, branding identity, and typography. Whatever the method, her desire is to create and execute thoughtful design for a meaningful outcome and positive impact.


Alicja is a photographer, paper-illustrator, and set designer which when combined doesn't create Captain Planet. Sadly. But when Alicja combines her skill-set to craft imaginative scenes for editorial illustrations, social campaigns, and product imagery audiences' eyeballs get teary-eyed because they've seen greatness.


Geoffrey Evans is a 27-year old Graphic Designer from Miami, Fl. He founded Ivory Coast Designs, a design firm with eye catching graphic products such as flyers, logos, and websites during his stay at FAMU in 2016. Utilizing his creative talents and imagination, he has branded many small businesses in cities such as: Tallahassee, Miami, Orlando, and Atlanta, and Dallas. He has also collaborated with organizations like: The Trayvon Martin Foundation, the State of Florida Department of Transportation, FUEL Media Advertising, GloFX Rave Gear and Eyewear, and the FAMU Student Government Association.


Thomas Jackson is the founder of Covalent, a multi-disciplinary consulting firm specializing in emerging marketing services. Thomas seeks to bring together designers with talented engineers & developers. He started Covalent in 2016 and has quickly grown the company with associates in areas such as programming, modeling, engineering, machine learning, animation, psychology, and design. He believes in leading by example and works hard to develop a strong company culture based around what it means to have โ€œGrit.โ€


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