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Catch up on Design Week Extended Edition episodes you missed or re-watch your favorite streams as many times as you want.

Episode 2 - Social Media Panel

August 28, 2020

The Social Media Panel explores the internet as a means of business, community, behavior change and personal creative endeavor. Emcee Callie Watson is joined by Carly Berry, Zoë Crook, Vanessa Guirey and Maggie Lawrence. They discuss social media's role in a creative’s life especially now in today's socially distant world.

Episode 3 - Ask A Filmmaker Anything

September 4, 2020

Emcee John Lhotka is joined by Tallahassee filmmaker, Vy Nguyen of Vy Nguyen Films to answer questions about film, lighting, and the framing of videos in this new virtual conference world.

Episode 4 - The Pineapple Metaphor

September 18, 2020

In this workshop with April Fitzpatrick of Pineapples With Purpose, we learn to embrace art as a means of caring for our mental wellness. Walk with April through this inspiring hour of personal reflection and creative healing.
Q&A Afterwards with Callie Watson.

Episode 5 - An Intro to Webflow

September 25, 2020

Wondering what all this “No-Code Webflow” talk is around the industry but too afraid to ask? Tony Gines will walk us through some of the basics of Webflow by recreating a site from scratch and show how much this awesome tool isn't like Squarespace or Dreamweaver. Intro and Q&A afterwards with emcee John Lhotka.

Episode 7 - Bannersnack Workshop

October 2, 2020

Join Art Director Jesse Taylor as he walks us through Bannersnack, the online tool which makes building digital banners ads a breeze. We will explore how to create multiple size web banners, easily editable text and colors and animations in a fraction of the time it takes other programs. Actual snacks optional but encouraged. Intro by emcee Callie Watson.

Episode 8 - Stop Staring at the Path

October 16, 2020

We often seek happiness and fulfillment at the hands of others and we’re convinced we must follow a certain path to find these things. What happens when you come across bumps and roadblocks that hold you back? Do you follow that same path and keep running into obstacles, or do you stop looking at the path and find your own way?

Join Jason Frostholm of Ildis Design and Feasting On Design as he talks about the roadblocks he’s encountered while trying to follow a certain path to happiness, and how he stopped staring at the path and started to forge his own way.

We do our best to make this event as accessible as possible.

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