Design Week Tallahassee


Cultural Expression in Your Workspace

We all know how important the physical environment is to the creative, productive, fun and caring culture we want from our work life. So why is it so hard to make a work space that works for all of us? Join the Space Odyssey and learn from our experience applying a supportive company culture to the work place.

The Pineapple Metaphor: Reimagine, Strengthen, Partner

Digesting adversity. Discussing the effects of memory, art, and symbolism on how we digest the world within and around us. Using the pineapple's journey and growth as a metaphor to broaden our perspectives and approach to mental wellness. In what ways is the pineapple useful. The power of creativity to establish hope and problem solve.

An Intro to Webflow

Wondering what all this No-Code Webflow talk is around the industry but too afraid to ask? I'll walk you through some of the basics of Webflow by recreating a site from scratch and show you how much this awesome tool isn't like Squarespace or Dreamweaver.

Social Media Panel

Social media holds an increasingly unique place in the creative community. These days an engaging online persona is crucial to business strategy, creative expression, and personal validation all at once. We've asked social media experts from diverse backgrounds to join us in a panel discussion on the role of social media in a creative persons life. Explore the internet as a means of business, community, behaviour change and personal creative endeavour.

If opportunity doesn’t knock, design a door | UX's responsibility in the future of Mobility

Key trends catalyzing change in the automotive industry over the last 5 years​ and the value UX brings to the automotive industry: customers, vehicles and dealerships alike.

Agencies Suck, and other lies. Debunking the myths of the Freelance Industrial Complex.

Many design conferences and trendy instagram influencers will have you believe that the path to happiness means sticking it to the man and going out on your own. At BowStern, we've mastered the art of creating quality work without sacrificing quality of life. Learn some of our habits, methods and philosophies and fall in love with agencies again.

Let's Get Dark Together

Hellcats will share about how they took their interests and skills, and combined forces to build a brand that is an authentic extension of who they are as creatives. They’ll also share tips and lessons they’ve developed on how to build and maintain a product based brand.

Don't Cry In The Bathroom At Work

A conversation about lessons learned post-Tallahassee including staying sane in a new city, and managing healthy balances in mental health, new work cultures, productivity, and expectations from new roles.

Be Nice. Work Hard. Make the Magic.

If you're a jerk-face that's lazy and doesn't believe in witchcraft, you're gonna hate this talk.

Notebooks, Bills, & Old Love Letters: Handmade Paper from Recycled Scrap

Explore the therapeutic art of hand papermaking using recycled scrap and Earthen materials.

We do our best to make this event as accessible as possible.

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