Our Mission

Design Week Tallahassee aims to educate, inspire, and connect designers in the Tallahassee community through a week-long series of art & tech events.


A week of creativity, conversation and learning, Design Week Tallahassee is an annual 7-day event that welcomes designers of all levels. The festivities include guest speakers, workshops and social events. In line with our goal to make the events accessible to all, workshops will be offered at low-cost to participants and social events will be free. Design Week Tallahassee was started in 2016 by designer Stephanie Irigoyen in partnership with the start-up incubator, Domi Station.

The People Who Make It All Work

Stephanie Irigoyen

Founder and Organizer
Stephanie is a designer, skater girl, and donut addict. Currently residing in Tallahassee, FL, she is a media specialist for the Florida Center for Interactive Media. Founder of Design Week Tallahassee, she believes strongly in community and in building a better city for yourselves.

Carmen Clemente

Carmen is a designer and photographer at Bowstern Marketing Communcations.

Brittany Gress

Brittany is a visual artist and designer working for the Florida Resources and Environmental Analysis Center. She specializes in editorial design, campaign design and digital illustration. Her passion for the fine arts fuels her work with local nonprofits to create meaningful projects that question, uplift and empower the community.

This is about the big guys, the little guys, & everyone in between. Together.

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